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Monday, June 9, 2014


CHAPTER 10 – TRANSPORT IN PLANT (PEKA using microscope)

1. Aim/ Objective : To study the function of xylem tissues in flowering plant.

2. Problem Statement: Do xylem tissues transport water?

3. Hypothesis : Xylem tissues transport water.

4. Variables
Manipulated : Types of vascular tissues, xylem tissues and phloem tissues
Responding : Red stain on the xylem tissues
Fixed : Types of plant / balsam plant // types of staining / eosin

5. Material : Eosin , balsam plant , distill water
Apparatus : White tile , conical flask , pen-knife ( scalpel ), glass slide , cover slip , microscope , forceps

6. Technique :
Observing and identifying the presence of red stain on the xylem tissues using microscope and then drawing and labeling the xylem tissues.

7. Procedure :
1. Roots of the balsam plant are washed under running tap water to get rid of the soil.
2. The balsam plant is then placed in a conical flask containing 200 ml of eosin.
3. The balsam plant is placed under bright situation for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, the balsam plant is removed from the conical flask, then the roots are washed under running water to get rid of the excess eosin.
4. Two parts of the plant, the roots and the stem are observed.
5. A pen-knife (scalpel) is used to cut a thin cross section of the roots.
6. The section is mounted in a drop of water on a microscopic slide and is covered with a cover slip.
7. The section is examined under a microscope using low power objectives lens.
8. Diagram of the cross section of the roots is drawn.
9. The structures that are stained red with eosin are shaded and labeled.
10. Steps 6-9 are repeated for the stem.

8. Result :
The Cross Section Root And Stem Of A Balsam Plant

(a) Root

(b) Stem

Magnification: 10 x 40

Discussion :
Xylem tissues in the root and stem are stained red with eosin.
Phloem tissues in the root and stem are not stained red with eosin.
Xylem tissues transport water and phloem tissues do not transport water.

9. Conclusion : Xylem tissues transport water. Hypothesis is accepted